It Is Your Garden, Professional and highly experienced landscape gardening services
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It Is Your Garden

The local professional landscape gardening service.

It Is Your Garden

We recognize that It Is Your Garden to be enjoyed the way you want it, our aim is to release you of your gardens demands on your time and give you back the enjoyment you should get from your garden.

We at It Is Your Garden offer a wide range of landscape gardening services to create the perfect garden for you, and to maintain your garden. Our landscaping services are of the highest standards and include garden design, soft landscaping, planting, fencing, paving, turfing, seeding, topiary, pruning, and mulching services in any combination to suit your needs and desires.

All our staff are highly experienced and professionally qualified landscape gardeners each with at least a decade of personal professional landscape gardening experience.

All Staff Are Qualified To

NPTC City & Guilds

Our staff hold NPTC City & Guilds or equivalent qualifications to the landscaping industry standards. We also hold a list of four Herbicide Application Licenses to ensure we can protect you and your environment when it is necessary to use chemical weed control.

Our Vision

We know what a pain it is to walk in the front door and look out on a garden that is demanding you work for it. You have just got home from work, so why should you then have to turn around and slave away in your garden? The simple answer is you don't!

It Is Your Garden, yours to enjoy and relax in and you are not a slave to it. Our vision is to set you free from your gardens demands on your precious spare time. To give you back your freedom, your family time, and your social life. Our landscape gardening services are your key to escaping and having the garden you want, the way you want it, painlessly.

Your garden is your personal haven to be enjoyed however you want to enjoy it. It Is Your Garden and it can be an entertaining space, a hideaway, a family room, a play area, a canvas to inspire you, or so many other things. We believe it is your right to be able to enjoy your garden and not to have to work for it.

We believe in traditional values that have been lost for many years by so many 'service providers', service means providing what you want, the way you expect it, for the price you expect to pay. In bygone day's a service provider wanted to see the customer happy with all aspects of the services they received. We at It Is Your Garden respect our customers, we are true professional landscape gardeners, and we undertake to be personable, amiable, friendly, reliable, honorable, and professional in everything we do.

Protecting You And Your Environment

Our founder, Alan Danaher, believes strongly in protecting the environment and everything in it.

The environment in which we live is a sensitive balance of nature that needs protecting from mankind’s abuses. It is always important to carefully manage our effects on this balance and reduce harmful influences such as chemicals including herbicides, fertilizers, and fumes. It is a matter of importance to us at It Is Your Garden to avoid the unnecessary use of chemicals, sending of waste to landfill, and burning waste wherever possible. This includes herbicides, fertilizers, …

Our Service Availability

We at It Is Your Garden are dedicated to being the local gardening service of choice. For this reason we are restricting our operating area and centering it around Letchworth Garden City where we are based.

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