Fencing and Decking
It Is Your Garden, Professional and highly experienced landscape gardening services
Examples of bespoke timber decking and a newly erected garden shed.

All Things Timber

Timber Decking

Decking makes a great feature in your garden and it is so practical too.

A new dining area, a verander, a porch, or a raised walk way. There are many uses for timber decking in your garden, and all need to be built for there specific purpose.

It Is Your Garden know how to build decking to look good and last. Our highly experienced landscape gardeners will build your decking according to many factors including the ground the decking is being built over, and what the decking will be used for. It Is Your Garden can even design a complete decking solution for your garden.

Wooden Fencing

A New Wooden Fence Will Look Great

Fences can be used as boundries, screens, shelters, backdrops, to support climbing plants, or to lead the eye towards a focal point. They come in an almost limitless range of sizes and types, and can be stained or painted to almost any colour.

Our experienced landscape gardeners will help you choose the right type and size of wooden fencing to suit your needs in your garden, plan the new fence, and then install it. It Is Your Garden will even apply fence preservers to create the perfect finish to your new garden fence.

Timber Edgings, Planters, and Raised Beds

Nothing looks like it should be there more than a natural product. Timber is so versatile and adaptable that with a little thought you can create amazing things to enhance your garden with it.

We appreciate the natural beauty of wood and know how to get the most out of it in your garden. It Is Your Garden will install wooden edging, build bespoke planters, and wooden sided raised beds. Our professional landscape gardeners will also treat your garden timber additions with wood preservatives to give them a longer life and enhance their natural beauty.

Garden Shed Erection Services

There is a vast array of shed suppliers these day's and competition is making sheds ever cheaper to buy. Many of the shed suppliers are hoping to make a big profit from their own erection services which are usually almost as expensive as the shed itself.

The only trouble is the erection services won't even lay your shed base for you, and will often have a long waiting list. It Is Your Garden has the perfect cost efective solution to this problem.

Our highly experienced professional landscape gardeners will lay a shed base in good time for the delivery date, then they will return the next working day after the delivery of your new shed and erect it for you. They will even paint the shed with wood preservatives for you at the same time.