Patios and Paving
It Is Your Garden, Professional and highly experienced landscape gardening services
A new patio, cleaned, pointed and ready for use.

Patio and Paving

Patio Slabs

Pre-cast, compesit, Natural Stone, or Slate.

It Is Your Garden has all the experience and technical know how to build you a beautiful and long lasting patio or garden path.

Our highly experienced professional landscape gardeners will lay all types of paving slabs, using all the modern materials and create unique pavements in your garden to relax on, lead you away, or display your prize planters on. Or we will build you a base for your new shed that you can be confident won't move.

Designing a New Patio

A new patio, path, steps, or terrace.

It Is Your Garden will design your bespoke patio, terrace, paths, steps, and ramps to suit your needs. Then our highly experienced professional landscape gardeners will construct them to last in your garden.

Blocks and Cobbles

Block paving and cobble stones are attempted by so many amatures, most don't provide the foundations and drainage facilities, some can't even get the gradients and cuts right.

We have the experience and knowledge that makes all the difference, It Is Your Garden won't cut corners, and we know the right way to get great results that will last. Our higly experienced professional landscape gardeners will create bespoke patterns, ramps, steps, paths, and stepping stones to suit your needs and desires in your garden.

Driveways, Roadways, and Hard Standings

It Is Your Garden does NOT design or install any driveways, Roadways, or Hard standings.

This is because such high traffic surfaces require a specialist driveway construction company and expensive insurances.

We recommend that you carefully research any company before enguaging them to construct these types of surfaces, seek references and examples of their work. NEVER allow somebody that knocks on your door to construct your driveway, and ALWAYS get a fixed price quote with a written guarantee that is insurance underwritten!

Patio and Paving Relaying and leveling Service

We at It Is Your Garden know that paved area's sometimes settle with age, or are dislodged by water and vehicles.

Many companies will proclaim to repair and relay your paved area's without any real knowledge of what they are doing. This will often result in even more problems to follow.

Our friendly and helpful professional landscape gardeners are highly experienced and competent at repairing, re-pointing/jointing, and relaying most hard surfaces found in your garden, and will never undertake any repairs they are not fully competant to do.