New Lawns
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A newly turfed grass lawn, just one option for a new lawn.

New Lawns

What is a lawn?

Most people consider a lawn to be the green space of grass they walk their dog on, or the children play on.

The reality is that lawns have evolved, they no longer need to be grass, or green.

There are many low maintenance options available to replace grass these days. Several synthetic lawn types are very realistic and need nothing more than the occasional sweeping, or you can choose natural low growing ground cover plants including mosses, clover, sedges, stonecrop, and some herbs such as thyme.

A practicle alternative which is a firm favourite of ours here at It Is Your Garden is Wild Thyme - Pink Chintz; which forms lumpy carpets of colour less than 6 inches high and only needs maintaining twice a year.

Wild Thyme - 'pink chintz', an ideal alternative lawn

Create a New Grass Lawn

Lay New Turf or Seed a New Lawn

There are two methods of creating new sustainable grass lawns, turfing and seeding. It Is Your Garden has created many new lawns using different types of grasses to suit different environment and uses. Our highly experienced professional landscape gardeners know how to create a beautiful new lawn that will last a lifetime.

Creating an Alternative Lawn

Grass needs mowing, often on a weekly basis, this is not just time consuming it also leaves you needing a lawn mower, somewhere to put the cuttings, power/fuel for your mower, and storage for your mower. Convention say's that a lawn is green grass, a living carpet that covers the floor in your garden. Modern thinking tends to be more lateral; a green carpet to cover the floor = synthectic grass, clover, or mosses; a living carpet to cover the floor = clover, mosses, likens, herbs, in fact almost any low growing plant that provides ground cover can be used to carpet areas of your garden in a lawn like fashion.

It Is Your Garden knows how to create stunning alternative lawns, many of them are low maintenance, some are almost zero maintenance. Our professional landscape gardeners have the experience to create lawns to suit your needs, they will help you choose the right plants or synthetic materials, they will plant or lay your new alternative lawn, and then advise you how to maintain your lawn.

Show Lawns as Flat as a Bowling Green

There are many types of grass, all with different chracteristics. Some are soft and nice to walk or play on but will go brown in the heat of a dry summer. Others will stay green even in the heat of a dry summer but can't be walked on.

If want you want is a show lawn that is as flat as a bowling green our professional landscape gardeners know what grasses to select for your soil type and how to produce greate results.

It Is Your Garden will create your show lawns to stay greener for longer in to a dry summer.

Undulating and Contoured Lawns

Not everybody wants a flat lawn, some want an embankment, a hillside, or a lawn that undulates and gently brings the walker exploring there garden to the next layer of their garden.

It Is Your Garden will not only turf, seed, plant, or lay any type of lawn, our experienced professional landscape gardeners will create the contours, embankments, ramps, and undulations to lead explores around your garden and create an extra dimesion of interest.

When using the right method even the steepest of gradients can be turfed or seeded to create vertual grass walls.