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A new mixed beach hedge adds colour and will fill out to form a good wind break.

New Hedging

Try Something Different

In a bygone era hedges where a folly of the rich, or big masses of wild bushes scattered with trees and full of wildlife.

Today most hedges are all one species and cut in dead straight lines, used like a wall to keep people from seeing the private world beyond.

So few hedges have any real purpose or interest that it is time to be different again. Mix up the species, add some flowering shrubs and sub-shrubs, possibly a small tree as a focal point. Then try planting the hedge in a curvey manner creating little pockets of space to become hidden secrets in your garden. A quiet spot to sit and read in the shade on a hot day, a hidden fragrent shrub so that people wonder where that sweat smell is coming from, or a hidden rock feature only you know is there. The possibilities are endless.

Many Hedges Need

Regular Cutting and Maintenance

It Is Your Garden has all the experience and facilities to be able to maintain your hedges. Hedge cutting can be performed as the sole task of our regular garden maintenance visit service by our highly experienced professional landscape gardeners.

Hedge Planting Services

What ever you want your hedge to do for you in your garden it can be very hard work to plant it yourself.

It Is Your Garden will plant almost any size of hedge for any purpose in your garden. Our highly experienced landscape gardeners will help you choose the right species, be it a single species or a blend to create interest, selecting verities and colours that suit your needs. They will help you plan your new garden hedge to get the most use from it, then plant your new hedge, and advise you how to look after it so that your new garden hedge is at it's very best for years to come.

Or simply book our garden maintenance services to maintain your hedge for you.

Hedge Training and Topiary Services

Drive down any country lane and you will see hedges sprawling rampently.

You don't want to see the hedges in your garden going wild and growing in to a sprawling mess. The answer is to train your hedges using tie wires and topiary techniques.

It Is Your Garden has the knowledge and experience you need to get your new hedge off to a great start. Our highly experienced professional landscape gardeners will train the young shrubs and hedging plants used to create your new hedge as soon as they are planted  which is a great way to control how your hedge will look, feel, and grow in the future. Our landscape gardeners are happy to advise you how to maintain your new garden hedge as well.