It Is Your Garden, Professional and highly experienced landscape gardening services
A white rock 'river' with slices of tree trunks as stepping stones. This is an eye catching feature leading the eye of into the garden planting.


The Sculpture

We know how to sculpt contours, embankments, raised beds, sunken gardens, ponds, and all structures that create the form of a garden.

We also fully understand how to use plants to soften shapes, sharpen edges, highlight features, and create secrets.

Our staff are highly experienced landscape gardeners, lead by our fouder Alan Danaher with his artistic flare. Together they can sculpt that bland rectangle that is called a garden in to a work of art that will give pleasure and joy. Giving you a garden that you will be glad to say It Is Your Garden.

Our landscape gardening services are of the highest professional standards. It Is Your Garden takes pride in it's landscape gardening service and our garden landscapers are totally professional in their work.

Landscape Design and Makeover

A new patio, border, or a complete landscape

From concept to custom build and completion. Our Design and Makeover services are unique to every project.

The Hidden Art

Most plants have a natural beauty, many will naturally compliment others, but the plants we see everyday in our parks and gardens come from all over the world.

Soil and climate conditions differ all over the world, plants have evolved over millions of years and adapted to these conditions. Today we pop to the shop and buy a plant that looks nice, throw it in a hole, usually with some food and water, and expect it to grow. Then sit there looking glumb when the poor plant dies saying to ourselves 'oh well better luck next time'.

This is not how a professional garden landscaper works. Part of what makes somebody a professional landscape gardener is knowing how to replicate soil conditions, protect delicate plants, and create 'micro climates' by using walls, rocks, gravel, mulch, and other plants. A true professional landscape gardening service can put it all together and nurture that coverted plant, providing conditions that will soften the blow of the local environment and advise it's new guardian how best to tend for it's needs and provide your new garden the opportunity to flurish for years to come.

Our Landscaping Service

Our landscaping services are fully customizable, we can provide designs, work to your sketches, a few photo's, or even your personal direction on site.

When you decide you want to make changes it is time to get our professional landscape gardeners creating in your garden. Book a free landscaping consultation appointment and we will discuss your ideas, help you develop a plan of action, and create your new feature and have your gardens landscaped.

Planting, turfing, topiary, paving, fencing, and decking; Our experienced landscaper gardeners will create your dream garden, a new border, shrub bed, garden hedge, garden fence, garden pond, or focal point.

Once you are certain of what you want, and that we fully understand what you want, and that you are happy to have It Is Your Garden provide your garden landscaping service, a schedule is drawn up to meet your needs and we contact you to confirm the schedule and quoted price is appropriate. Then you simply sit back and enjoy your garden the way you want it.