It Is Your Garden, Professional and highly experienced landscape gardening services
Gateway to a landscaped garden

Landscape Gardening

Garden Design

It Is Your Garden to be enjoyed the way you want it.


It Is Your Garden will design your outside space, big or small, to suit your desires. Complete and unique new gardens, or makeovers for a small section of your garden.


All our garden designs are unique, we never re-use our designs, we use no 'bolt-ons', and keep no stock features to build around.

Patio's and Paving

Somewhere to sit, a spot for the BBQ, or a path to nowhere.


Whatever the purpose there is a vast array of paving types available today.


It Is Your Garden knows all about paving in your garden. Our professional landscape gardeners will lay your paths and patio's fit for almost any purpose.


The Creative Art

It Is Your Garden will create your new garden. Our highly experienced and professional landscape gardeners have all the skills to create the garden of your dreams from our own designs, your designs and sketches, or working 'free hand' to your personal directions.

New Turf Lawns and Alternatives.


Convention say's a new lawn is made of grass and green, and if that is what you want then we will provide it. We will also provide you with several alternative lawns ranging from ground cover plants to synthetics.


It Is Your Garden, It is your lawn, and It is your choice. Our highly experienced landscape gardeners know how to give you the new lawn of your dreams.

New Hedges and Shrub Beds


Hedges are often thought of as boundaries or screens and shrub beds are thought of as blocks. The truth is both are far more versatile.


Hedges and shrubs can both be used for many things in your garden. They can act as privacy screens, wind breaks, hide features, highlight focal points, be a backdrop, add form, height, colour, fragrence, movement, be a heaven for wildlife, and shelter delicate plants.


It Is Your Garden will plant and shape your new hedges and shrubs. Our professional landscape gardeners have all the planting and topiary experience you will ever need in your garden. They can advise you on species, give you ideas, and advise you how to maintain your hedges and shrubs.

Wooden Fencing, Decking and Sheds


It Is Your Garden will erect 'Off the shelf' fencing panels and sheds, plus we will design and build bespoke decking to suit your needs.


Our experienced professional landcape gardeners will erect your new wooden garden fences and garden shed. We will prepare the ground and build your new shed base, plant screening, and paint your shed and fences with coloured preservatives to match your gardens colour scheme.


It Is Your Garden also design and build bespoke decking areas for almost any purpose in your garden. We will install hand rails, steps, and ramps, then treat your decking to protect the natural beauty of the wood in your garden for many years to come.