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One It Is Your Garden's own designs for a contemporary low maintenance terraced garden with a wheelie bin storage area

Garden Design


A 3d artist's impression created from a contemporary low maintenance design by It Is Your Garden.

It Is Your Garden created the above design for a client in Stevenage who gave a very loose brief -

"I don't like plants,

I want to have BBQ's and eat out in my garden,

I like black slate pavers and white walls."

Lets Get Started

Once you have your inspiration and garden design ideas it is time to get started.

There are three ways to get the process started

Call or Text

It Is Your Garden on 07980 357799


Email our Enquiries desk.

Be Inspired and Fall In Love Again

If your garden feels wrong it is

Most people think of the garden as the place outside where the kids play and the dog messes. Are you running out of space in your home? You do have another room to expand into, one that can be divided, inspiring, relaxing, entertaining, a play room, and an adventure all at the same time. It is time to get It Is Your Garden to design your new garden, and then to create it for you.

Is It Expensive To Get A New Garden

No, the contemporay design illustrated above cost less than £3,000 including the design and build, and that included having to relay drainage and power cables, terracing, materials, and waste removal. A genuine 'WYSIWYG' design and build new garden that is affordable.

Go to Google or Bing search and select 'images' then type in something that you like followed by a 'keyword' like landscaping, i.e. 'ferrari landscaping', 'Costa de Brava valleys' or 'purple gardening'. You will get pages of inspiration and ideas, simply print a few photo's and they are the basis of your new gardens design ideas.

The Design Process

Fist you seek inspiration and ideas for your new garden.

(Call It Is Your Garden on 07980 357799 if you need ideas.)

Next fill in the appointment request form, call 07980 357799, or email to arrange your first free design consultation appointment where we discuss your inspirations and generate an initial design brief.

We will reply within 2 working day's to confirm your appointment and will endeavour to arrive in good time.

It Is Your Garden will come to you. In the meeting we try to keep things as informal as possible to allow ideas to flow, we will look at your inspirations and discuss them, we will talk about ideas you might have, take a few photo's of your garden, and develope an initial design brief. Meetings normally last between 1 and 2 hours, but have taken longer for some projects.

We then go away and develope some artist's impressions based on the design brief, this may take a couple of weeks.

It Is Your Garden will then arrange a second free consultation to discuss our ideas for your new garden and get your feedback. If necessary we go back to the drawing board and start again.

Once you have decided you like our artist's impressions, and selected the pieces you prefer, the design process starts properly and you commision It Is Your Garden to design your new garden. Our designer will create 2 or 3 designs based on the final brief for your approval; (Designs and artist's impressions remain the property of It Is Your Garden until you purchase them); and you select the one you prefer, or ask us to adjust one to suit your desires.

Once you have selected a final design there are a couple of paths you can take, having commisioned It Is Your Garden to design your new garden does not commit you to having us build your new garden.

  1. Option 1, commision us to build your new garden, we will calculate a formal costing and provide a quotation to help you decide,
  2. Option 2, purchase a design so that you can commision another contractor to build your new garden.
  3. Option 3, take a little time out and decide what you would like to do next, we can mark out the basic design in your garden for you to live with for a few weeks while you make sure it will suit your needs and desires.

Please remember that you have the right to withdraw from this design process at any time without cost until you commision It Is Your Garden to generate formal design drawings. It Is Your Garden will inform you before you encour any cost's.