Weed Control
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Planting through a fabric weed membrane and gravel dressing to retain moisture in the soil.

Weed Control

Passive Weed Control

Direct mulching to reduce weed germination.

Our highly experienced and professional landscape gardeners will apply a verity of mulches directly to the prepared soil around the plants you want to keep. It Is Your Garden recommends this cost effective and easy to maintain method of weed control which is also suitable for organic gardens.

The use of a weed control membrane is a long term control solution; however it does mean that if you apply a mulch on top the muclh does not get to rot in to the soil and feed your plants. Instead the garden mulch rots down and sits on top of the membrane to feed new weeds. This is why we recommend the use of a stone covering which will only need cleaning and topping up when using a weed control membrane.

Mechanical Weed Control

The use of a physical action to control weeds

It Is Your Garden uses many forms of mechanical weed control, it is an environmentally sound process that uses no chemicals and improves the soil. Our highly experienced landscape gardeners will hoe, fork, and dig your garden borders. They will hand weed your patio's and paving's, and they will scarify your lawns.

These methods of weed control are very effective, they don't harm the environment, are safe for you and your children, and most of the weeds can be composted down to feed the garden they came from.

Fully Licensed Weed Control

It Is Your Garden are fully licensed, insured and highly experienced weed control specialists.

By law any person applying 'weedkiller' to any land that is not there own, be they paid or unpaid, must be appropriatelly qualified to do so.

Weed control licenses held by It Is Your Garden and our highly experienced landscape gardeners include -

PA1 - Safe use of Herbicides.

PA6a - Use of hand held applicators.

PA6aw - Use of hand help applicators including the 'LERAP' scheme.

PA2a - Use of vehicle mounted applicators.

Our founder, Alan Danaher, personally holds all four of these licences and has over a decade of experience as a weed control specialist. He recommends to avoid the unnecessary use of chemicals in your garden.

It Is Your Garden will apply weed control measures, maintain and supply the legally required application records, and are hapy to advise on all aspects of weed control.