It Is Your Garden, Professional and highly experienced landscape gardening services
An overgrown garden in need of some TLC to make it a garden to enjoy once more

Garden Tidying

Have You Been Away On Holiday?

Or did you move out while having some building work done? Did your tenant move out and leave the garden looking like a jungle?

It Is Your Garden will come to the rescue with our friendly, personable, professional, qualified and highly experienced landscape gardeners who know how to get your garden back to it's former glory! Long grass and overgrown hedges hiding the flower beds, and your not sure where the shrub beds were, you think there was a path over there somewhere.

It Is Your Garden has the experienced professional gardeners that will find the original garden features and restore your garden.

Long Grass

The long grass at the end of your garden takes some mowing.

Don't struggle to mow your overgrown lawns. It Is Your Garden have the right professional landscape gardeners for the job with the experience to reclaim your lawn.

You Have A Once In A Lifetime Event

You want to hold it in your garden

Garden events are always popular, they give plenty of room for guests, fresh air, and a natural beautiful setting. What about the weeds? That tall hedge? The Lawn Edgings? The Lawn?

It Is Your Garden will revamp your garden and give it a professional finish to be proud off. Our landscape gardeners are used to providing the highest standards of finish for corporate clients. For instance our founder, Alan Danaher, used to revamp the Vodafone HQ site at Newbury ready for their big publicity events before he founded It Is Your Garden. We know how to achieve an impecable finish to your garden that will amaze your guests.

It Happens To Us All

We all have times when we are too bussy, or we are beaten by the weather. Maybe you just haven't been there to keep the garden tidy. What ever the cause, it is always the same question that springs to mind "Where do I start?"

The simple and cost effective answer is you don't, we do! It Is Your Garden has the know how. We know where to start, and how to finish the job. You want your garden back again and are probably feeling trapped by the prospect of grafting away like a slave to your garden. You should not worry, simply book your free garden tidying quote appointment and get on with your life, we will sort your garden out professionally for you.

The New Allotment

You have waited years for an allotment and you finally get the letter from the alloment society.

Full of glee and anticipation you go to the allotments to see what you have, your armed with your trusty spade and a rake only to be stopped dead in your tracks when greeted by a jungle!

It Is Your Garden has the professional landscape gardeners to solve your problems. We will cut and clear your plot, then turn the ground over ready for you to start your garden, we will even dig your compost in for you. Our landscapers can advise you on how to prepare the soil, what best to plant, when to plant, and how to maintain it.

Has your hedge simply grown to big?

It is nice to have a hedge, teaming with birds and shielding us from the wind, but hedges can be time consuming to manage.

When you miss a cut on your hedge it will be twice the size by the next cut and three times the work.

It Is your Garden have the answer, our professional landscape gardeners will reduce your hedge back down to size, they know how hard they can cut your hedge without harming it, and how to encourage the wildlife back into your hedge afterwards.