It Is Your Garden, Professional and highly experienced landscape gardening services
Professional gardener planting a new shrub to give it the best start in life.

Garden Planting

Garden Planting

If your not sure where the best spot is for your new plants our professional landscape gardeners know where, how, and when to plant them.

It Is Your Garden use only highly experienced and qualified professional gardeners. We have the know how and experience to get the best out of every new plant in your garden. Our gardeners will condition and prepair the soil, plant your new plants, and advise you on how to keep them at their best for longer.

New Hedges,  Shrub Beds, and Trees.

Form, colour, shelter, screening, or focal point. A hedge, shrub bed, or tree can make a huge difference.

There is a confusing array of different hedging plants, shrubs, sub-shrubs, and trees available to the modern gardener. It Is Your Garden will help you choose the right plants for the intended purpose. Our experienced landscape gardeners will give you ideas and help you get the most out of your garden. A hedge does not have to be a straight barrier, a shrub bed can be colourful, and a tree can make a statement.

Vegetable and Kitchen Gardens

From Diggin to Harvest

We at It Is Your Garden know that nothing tastes quite as good as fresh fruit and vegetables straight from your own garden. Our highly experienced landscape gardeners will prepair the ground and sow the seeds. They will then advise you on maintaining, watering, feeding, weeding, pest control, and harvesting your crop.

Many types of vegetables are planted at diferent times of the year and our experienced gardeners will help you work out how to get the biggest harvest from your vegetable garden with crop rotation and planting schedules for the all year round benifits of fresh produce from your own garden.

Seasonal Bedding Plants

A splash of colour and form added each season is a great way to keep interest and life in your garden. Many simply don't have the time to keep changing the plants around in their garden to get the most out of the new season, or to lift and protect plants when their season is finished ready for next year.

It Is Your Garden has the time and inclenation! Our professional landscape gardeners know which plants work best together and when to plant them out for maximum impact. We know how to protect delicate plants for the winter season, how to split overgrown clumps and make use of the healthiest pieces, re-planting them around your garden to give your garden a lift and new lease of life.

Raised Beds, Planters, and Hanging Baskets.

Hight is an important factor in your garden, but not all plants are the hight you want them to be.

Using raised garden beds, garden planters, and hanging baskets is a great way to lift plants up into the eye line, or to where you can reach them easily to maintain and harvest them.

It Is Your Garden will create and plant your raised garden beds, fill and plant both your garden planters and hanging baskets. Our highly experienced professional landscape gardeners know how to get the most from your space and have some great ideas to help you get all the enjoyment you can from your garden. Try planting a hanging basket with flowers and minature shrubs on the top and then planting strawberries or trailing tomatoes through the sides and bottom of the basket to add another dimension to your hanging display's.

New Borders and Rockery's

Have you ever sat on the patio wondering why all your flowers are the other side of the garden where you can't see or smell them?

To many gardens are laid out in the same uniform way, a patio by the house, then a lawn, and then the borders are added around the edges. This is often thought to be the 'child friendly' way to make use of the space.

Simply adding a new border or rockery to create interest and break up the lines can make an amazing difference to how you feel about your garden. It can create new spaces, secret corners, colour, shade, and a home for wildlife. A new border can do all of these things and it reduces the amount of mowing you have to do as well.

It Is Your Garden will help you plan your border, choose the right plants, and find the right ornaments. Then our highly experienced professional landscape gardeners will put it all together for you.