It Is Your Garden, Professional and highly experienced landscape gardening services
Professional garden maintenance makes all the difference to your garden.

Regular Garden Maintenance


It Is Your Garden prefers the term 'periodic garden maintenance'.

The term regular suggests that we can visit every Wednesday. Periodic means It Is Your Garden will visit at intervals that suit your needs. We will schedule things to be every Monday at 15:00 if that is what suits you, or we will arrange for our highly experienced professional gardeners to maintain your garden 'the last Friday of every month' if that is what suits you.

Periodic Garden Maintenance services

Maintain your whole garden

We will maintain your whole garden to very high professional standards at a periodic frequency that suits your needs. Our highly competent and professional gardeners know what they are doing, they know how to achieve the best results, and above all they know that It Is Your Garden to be enjoyed the way you like it.

Adaptable and flexible garden maintenance services

Many people enjoy getting out in to the garden and 'pottering around' but not everybody has the time, knowledge, or tools for every job around the garden.

It Is Your Garden will pick up where you leave off, doing the jobs you don't like or can't manage. We will cut your hedges a couple of times a year, look after your lawns every week, or hoe the weeds every month. Any garden tasks can be separated out for our professional gardeners to do, or to be left for you. After all It Is Your Garden for you to enjoy.

We are the local landscape gardening service of choice so customize our services to suit your needs and desires. It Is Your Garden will even provide short term cover professionally maintaining your garden while your away, or ill for a couple of weeks keeping an eye on your property and giving you peace of mind.

Get your garden maintained by the professionals

As with all our services our garden maintenance services are fully customizable to suit your needs and desires. It Is Your Garden only uses highly experienced and qualified professional landscape gardeners.

All our landscape gardeners are qualified and highly experienced with at least a decade of personal professional experience in the landscape gardening industry, they are personable, freindly, helpful, honourable and reliable.