Lawn Care
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A professionally laid and edged lawn.

Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing

Regular mowing of your lawns is an essential part of your lawn care program.

Grass cutting is often time consuming. Do you really want to plod back and forth mowing your lawns time after time? All the hassel of getting the mower out of the shed, raking up the spilt grass cuttings, running over the power lead, or having to buy and store petrol?

The solution is simple, put that old lawn mower on Freecycle and let It Is Your Garden take the hassel out of having a beautiful lawn to be proud of. Our qualified landscape gardeners have all the right equipment to keep your lawns at their very best, nicely mown, with or without stripes. You would be suprised how little it cost's too, from just £25.00 per hour to have a professional take the strain out of a beautiful lawn!

Long Grass Cutting

Over grown lawns and small paddocks need  a different approach to normal lawn mowing techneques.

It Is Your Garden will cut your long grass, either seasonal topping, or preparing to return the area back to a fine lawn again.

Lawn Top Dressing

Loam, Lawn Sand, or Both

Our professional landscape gardeners will provide the perfect solution to a weak lawn that needs feeding, has poor drainage, dries out to fast, or is simply wearing thin.

It Is Your Garden knows how to rejuvenate your lawn, without harmful chemicals and fertilizers. We will spread the lawn top dressing dressing out evenly, using blended loam and lawn sand, or can treat sections of your lawn independantely. Lawn sanding the wet area's, spreading loam on the thin dry patches, and leveling out the troughs.

Complete Lawn Care Program

Is your lawn looking old and worn out? Are you thinking of ripping up your tired old lawn and starting fresh? STOP! In many cases that is totally unnecessary and expensive.

It Is Your Garden will come to your garden and develope a personalised lawn care program for a rejuvenated lawn and give it a new lease of life. Our professional landscape gardeners are experienced in lawn management techniques including mowing regimes, lanw aeration, lawn rolling/compacting, lawn scarifying, lawn top dressing, and lawn overseeding. We will develope a unique program to resolve the issues with your lawn and bring it back to life. Giving you a beautiful lawn and saving you money.

Aeration, Compacting and drainage

Lawns often suffer from water logging and get soft when it rains. In most instances this is easy to fix.

If the ground is not free draining then water will be held in the top layers of the soil, this keeps the grass roots high and makes your lawn susecptable to draught as well as lawn water logging. It Is Your Garden has the experience to solve your problems.

Our highly experienced landscape gardeners will either aerate your lawn to allow the water to drain deeper faster which encourages deeper rooting as well as oxygenating the soil and allowing nitrogen in to feed the grass, compact your lawn to make the ground firmer and cause excess water to run off, or in more serious cases create lawn drainage to draw excess water away when it rains. Normally a combination of lawn aerating and compacting will solve most lawn water logging problems, sometimes a lawn top dressing will also be recommended, or some additional plantings.

Lawn Scarifying

Scarifying is a vigorous mechanical process designed to rip out any dead thatch, mosses, and weaker weeds from your lawn.

Many see scarifying as a last resort and think it is a rough process that damages their lawns. This is totally not true, and scarifying is in fact one of the most effective ways to revive your lawn. Scarifying is recomended every second year for most lawns, and fine show lawns should be treated every year.

Traditionally this was done by raking as hard and fast as you can to manually rip everything out of your lawn. Today we use a scarifying machine which has knives that can be set to cut varying depths into your lawn and do the work in a fraction of the time.

Here at It Is Your Garden our professional landscape gardeners know how to get the most out of this process for your lawns giving you a healthy lawn. On some lawns we would recomend a top dressing or overseeding to finish the process properly.