It Is Your Garden, Professional and highly experienced landscape gardening services
A well maintained garden with a lawn that leads the eye away into the distance.

Gardening Services

Lawn Care

Scarifying, top dressing, feeding, mowing, and weeding. It Is Your Garden has the professional lawn care solution for your garden.

For all your lawn care needs, we at It Is Your Garden have the experience and knowledge to revive your beautiful lawns once again. Striping, rolling, and matt finishes for conventional grass lawns, plus alternative lawn care and advice. Let our professional gardeners bring your garden to life.

Garden Tidying

Do you have a special occaision, a christening or wedding reception on the horizon? Or has something in your garden simply 'got away from you'?

It Is Your Garden has the solution your looking for. Our highly experienced professional landscape gardeners will get your garden up to standard in plenty of time for your special event.

From rough cutting overgrown lawns and hedge reductions to finely manicured lawns and flower beds.

Regular Maintenance

Fully Customizable

It Is Your Garden provides fully customizable garden maintenance services to suit your needs from weekly lawn mowing to quarterly weed spraying and annual 'alternative lawn' maintenance. Our highly experienced professional gardeners will provide you with top quality Garden Maintenance Services.

Our Service Pledge

It Is Your Garden pledges to provide fully personalized services in your garden. To always remember and respect that It Is Your Garden to be enjoyed by you the way you want to enjoy it. We pledge to always act professionally and to provide the high quality services you have agreed and expect to receive. We undertake to get things right first time more of the time, and to listen to the customer.

Planting services

It Is Your Garden offer a garden planting service that is fully customizable to suit your needs.

Our highly experienced professional landscape gardeners will plant almost anything in your garden, or garden planters. From digging and planting your new vegtable patch to a couple of hanging baskets you don't have time for. It Is Your Garden will prepair the soil for your plants, or line and fill your hanging baskets as well.

Our professional gardeners will plant new tree's, bedding plants, vagtables, shrubs, and hedges; then they will be happy to advise how to maintain your new plantings.

Hedge Care

From trimming a garden hedge to topiary, It Is Your Garden has the experienced landscape gardeners to acheive a beautiful hedge.

Our highly experienced professional gardeners will expertly trim and shape any hedge, big or small hedges, evergreen hedges, decidious hedges, flowering hedges, and 'dead hedging'.

Whether you want curves or stright lines with sharp corners It Is Your Garden has the hedge care services to suit your hedge maintenance requirements.

We at It Is Your Garden have experience of many types of hedging being used for all purposes in the landscape.

Weed Control Services

Weed control is any action taken to control the growth of unwanted plant species including hoeing, root barriers, and chemical spraying. It Is Your Garden prefers to use non-chemical weed control methods whenever possible.

It Is Your Garden offers a full range of fully licensed and insured weed control services. Our professional landscape gardeners hold 4 NPTC City & Guilds Herbicide Application Licenses - Pa1, Safe use of herbicides; Pa6a, Safe use of hand held applicators; Pa6aw, Safe use of hand held applicators including the 'Local Environment Risk Assessment Program'; and Pa2a, Safe use of vehicle mounted applicators.