It Is Your Garden, Professional and highly experienced landscape gardening services
A mixed beech hedge used to create colour and screening.

Hedge Care

Garden Hedge Cutting

Garden hedges just keep on growing and not everybody wants to be cutting their hedges every 5 minutes.

It Is Your Garden knows that hedge cutting can be a pain you could do without in your garden. You want to have hedges because they are alive and attract the wildlife, but they have to be maintained because they are alive and attract wildlife. It is a catch 22 situation, slave for your garden trimming your hedges or they will get to big to manage.

Our professioanl landscape gardeners are highly experienced and qualified gardeners. It Is Your Garden know how to keep that hedge just the way you like it; long and striaght with sharp corners, or short and curvey with nicely rounded ends.

Everybodies idea of the perfect hedge is different, and it all comes down to taste. Tightly clipped or waving in the breeze and left to flower. So many different shades of green, purple, or even yellow to choose from. All the different hedging species need to be managed differentely.

Tall Garden Hedges

Climbing and Over Reaching is Dangerous in your garden

Every year many gardeners have accidents trying to cut tall hedges while working from unseccured ladders and platforms, or suffer long term damage to their backs trying to over reach. Limbs and digits are sethered by using machinery they just don't know how to use or maintain.

It Is Your Garden has the professional equipment and know how to maintain your tall garden hedges safely. Our professional landscape gardeners are fully trained and properly equiped to take the risk out of managing your tall garden hedge. Full topiary, reshaping, or just a light trim, we will cut your hedges the way you like them so you don't have too.

Hedge Reduction and Reshaping

Garden hedges are great for wildlife, they provide shelter from the wind in your garden, they provide shade, security, a backdrop, an edge, framing and hide features, but best of all they are alive and natural growing plants. Unfortunately hedges never stop growing, they always need cutting, and if left can get to big to manage very quickly.

It Is Your Garden will reclaim your once loved hedges, our highly experienced landscape gardeners know how to reduce your hedge to a manageable height and bring it back to life again. We know how to cut pathways through your hedge, clear the ivy from inside your hedges, or cut it back to reveal your garden again.


The art of growing and shaping plants. Many think it is a 'trick' to be learned, in reality it is an artform performed by skilled artisans.

Our highly experienced landscape gardeners include such artisans of topiary, their skill and art is second to none. It Is Your Garden will train, shape, and maintain almost any shrub, hedge or young tree to suit your needs or desires.

Small Garden Hedges

For ceturies small tightly clipped hedges have been used to frame sections of a garden and focal points.

The reality is that tody many gardens are simply to small to have a large hedge, but that does not mean they can't have hedges. It Is Your Garden will trim your small hedges, our professional gardeners know how to keep them at their best and stop your small hedges from bolting and spoiling.