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  1. Part time Trainee Landscape Gardener / Garden Maintenance Operative - 2016-3-T1

If you have read this page properly you will have already cleared the first hurdle so long as you can comply with the instructions within.


Be observant, be smart, beat the crowd.



Applicants will be legally entitled to live and work in the UK.


Applicants will consent to their legal history and police record being verified.


Applicants will have the ability to communicate to a good standard in English - Reading and writing skills preferred.


Applicants will have 3 checkable references.

What do you need to be?


Many companies have forgotten what service actually means. We at It Is Your Garden are forward thinking service providers.


Our founder, Alan Danaher, believes in the old values of a service provider - "It's about treating the customers right, remembering who's garden it really is, and above all it's about being professional."


You will need to understand why the customer is right, you will need to want to learn, you will not be phased by 'a little rain', and you will already have some experience of gardening.

All applicants, including applicants for trainee positions are required to have experience of gardening, and to know that they want to be a professional Landscape Gardener with all that it entails. Qualified Landscape Gardener positions have a requirement of a minimum 10 years professional experience in the landscape gardening industry with relevant and current qualifications. Trainees are required to have experience in gardening - this may be 'hobby gardening' at home or with a voluntary group, or it may be working for one of the many 'General garden maintenance services' that have no requirement for professional horticultural qualifications.


What ever your level of experience and whatever the position you wish to apply for It Is Your Garden will expect you to be committed to learning and developing your professional landscape gardening skills. This may also include your personal skills, communication, driving, team work, planning, risk assessment, and any other training needs as defined and or agreed by your line management.

Protecting our customers

Our customers MUST come first

It Is Your Garden will openly discriminate against applicants with current convictions for offences against the person, burglary, or other current convictions as seen to be relevant.


You are reminded it is an offence not to declare current convictions on a job application. This does not mean that those with a current conviction will not be considered, it does however mean that the level of trust applied to such applicants will be reduced to protect our customers interests.

Part Time Trainee Landscape Gardener / Garden Maintenance Operative - 2016-3-T1


This is a part time position suitable for a person who has at least some experience of gardening as set out above, and who conforms to the pre-requisites also set out above.


This position will be a Trainee Landscape Gardener / Garden Maintenance Operative with duties to include assisting the team in their current projects and tasks as required. Applicants will be required to take direct instructions from their line management which will include training information, they will be required to accept on the job training, and once their worth has been proven to It Is Your Garden we will invest in formal training courses to industry standards which the successful applicant will be required to fully commit too and complete to the best of their abilities.


This position will suit a forward thinker that can communicate well with customers and the general public, is amiable and presentable at all times, is ready to ask questions when they don't know the answers, is reliable and confident. They must be prepared to undertake a formal training program to horticultural industry standards, and committed to completing such a training program to the best of their abilities. Applicants must know and fully accept their limitations, and they must know and be prepared to discuss their short comings and seek resolutions for said short comings. Applicants will need to be capable of heavy manual labour for prolonged periods, safe working around machinery, protecting themselves/team mates/customers/and the general public from their activities and the activities of their team. Applicants need to be environmentally aware, and concious of their effect on the environment.


Duties will include, but are not limited too -


  • Lawn mowing and edging,
  • Weeding and digging,
  • Hedge trimming,
  • Shrub and tree pruning,
  • Paving,
  • Planting,
  • Brickwork,
  • Turfing,
  • Seasonal plant management,
  • Lawn treatment and management,
  • Weed control,
  • General Landscaping,
  • Appropriate waste management,
  • General garden maintenance,
  • Ground working,
  • General labouring,
  • Accurate record keeping,
  • Promoting good environmental practices,
  • And any relevant task reasonably designated.


Although not a requirement a FULL & Clean UK driving license with at least 2 years experience of driving light commercial vehicles in the UK is an advantage.


For the right applicant this position will attract a starting rate of £7.20 per hour; with full benefits being applied subject to being retained following a full employment review after the initial trial period.


Applications for this position will be in writing only, they will be sent too -



It Is Your Garden

62 Green Lane

Letchworth G.C.




No telephone or online applications can be accepted for this, or any position with It Is Your Garden. Applicants will accept the decision of It Is Your Garden as final.