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  • To be professional
  • Personable
  • Approachable
  • Cost effective
  • Helpful
  • Reliable
  • Accountable
  • Direct
  • Respectful
  • Honorable
  • Efficient
  • Informative
  • & Confidential

A client, Mr 'J' in Letchworth Garden City on completion of a hedge reduction project in his garden stated

"The hedge hasn't looked that good for many years. I will be happy to use your services again, and to recommend you to others"

- Mr J, Letchworth Garden City

Employment Opportunities.

We are hiring!

We are currently seeking 1 part time trainee landscape gardener/garden maintenance operative. The right candidate will have a good personal knowledge of gardening and/or landscaping and must be willing to undertake professional training.

- Vacancies 1

A forward thinking service provider

Many companies have forgotten what service actually means. We at It Is Your Garden are forward thinking service providers.

Many years ago, while working for employers our founder, Alan Danaher, got fed up with being told "That's good enough" when a job was clearly not finished. This is such a common attitude that many don't even realize it is wrong. Leaving a job unfinished just because you doubt anybody will notice is simply careless and unprofessional.

It is a matter of course for all our staff to check the job is completed fully before they pack up and leave the site. Our staff are taught to stop and think, would they want to come home from work and find somebody they had paid to do a job right has left it like that? Sounds like a simple concept but it is one that is all to often over looked. In times gone by providing a service meant you would provide the best you can, with professionalism and that you gave the customer what they had paid for. You made the effort to go the extra mile, not because you had too, but because you wanted too. Self respect drove service providers to perform to the highest of standards at all times, never cutting corners, or short changing on agreements.

It is a sign of the times when to be a forward thinking service provider you have to look back decades to see how it should be done and set your standards. We here at It Is Your Garden have done just that. This means you can relax in the knowledge that the job will be done right by professional landscape gardeners that like to take pride in their work.

Our commitment to the

Highest Quality of Service

It is a matter of pride, we undertake to provide the highest possible quality of service at all times while maintaining our value for money and cost efficiency.

How can we make such a commitment?

To put it simply the customer will not think twice about looking for another service if our quality is poor so making such a commitment is good sense. Keeping this Quality of Service commitment is easy too by taking pride in your work and paying attention to detail. Thinking like a professional, putting yourself in the customers shoes, and asking yourself 'Would I be happy to pay for that?'. These simple things that our staff do  on every job, big or small, are what ensures our high quality of service to you the customer.

Alan Danaher founder of It Is Your Garden and highly experienced professional landscape gardener

Alan has worked in the Landscaping, gardening, and property maintenance industries most of his professional life. He is 'time served' and highly accomplished, as a self employed landscape gardener his client list included  Central Government Departments, Local Authorities, Multi-National Corporations, and National Developers. He personally expects the highest of standards from himself, and all that work for him in all they do.

An example of Alan Danaher's artwork from August 2009

Alan has held his City & Guilds NPTC Herbicide Application licenses for almost 12 years and has worked on some very sensitive contracts. He has personally ensured the environmental safety of some of our national beauty spots when treating invasive weeds where there was no other way to solve the problem than to use chemicals. He has also set industry standards, and negotiated new best practices to protect not only the environment, but also to protect drinking water supplies. Such acheivements are not easy, they take a professional attitude, attention to detail, and above all pride in his work.

Meet our founder

Alan Danaher

Alan is artistic in nature, always watches the little details, and takes care about what he does.

Alan has produced some nice art at different times, and is rightfully proud of his artistic acheivements. The drawing bellow is one of his that he drew back in August 2009.